We Make Magic

On a bed of gold and sheets of silk, the sparks flew and our flesh fused. Our enchantment had begun. All our senses were insanely heightened, magnified by primal pleasure. The room was dark, but even in the pitch black I could see you clear as water, and my eyes drank you in. With my taste buds magnified, your lips tasted like quaint morsels of heavenly sin, the forbidden fruit’s supercharged sister. The sweet scent of your skin caressed my nostrils, teasing, tempting. I kissed all over you, stopping briefly at the spots I knew were extra sensitive. Each disheveled breath, each stupendously fast heartbeat, each maniacal moan amplified a thousand times over. Other people may make love, but that night, in a bed of gold and sheets of silk, we made magic.

sometimes words get in the way

i traced her features with my fingers
felt the softness of her skin
the fullness of her lips
the goosebumps on her neck

i felt like i was blind
and my fingers were seeing her for the first time 

the scent of anticipation clung to her skin
like wet clothes on a rainy day
she wanted it. needed it even.
her body reeked of desire 

so i kissed her shoulders
first the left one, then the right
then i kissed all over her
she tasted like sweet, sexy, sin

she opened her mouth as if to speak
but i placed my index finger on her lips
as if to say,
no words, love. sometimes they just get in the way 

Game of Seduction/The Hint of Skin

I like playing the game of seduction. To me the hint of skin is better than full blown nudity. Sometimes an exposed shoulder does more than a see-through bra ever could. It says I’m willing, but you’re going to have to work a little for it.

I like the teasing. The playful mind games, where you’re 1000% sure she wants you but you’re not 100% sure she does. The seductive glances. The wicked half smile. The subtle lip licking. Things only the two of you can see, even if there are a thousand people in the room. And the best thing about the game of seduction is, in the end, everyone wins.


Don’t tell me
what you want to do to me
she said.

You know your words drive me wild!

I promise I won’t, I said

I won’t tell you
how I plan on pinning you
against the wall
as your body trembles
in anticipation

How I’ll kiss all over you
gently, pensively,
like I’m searching
for something delicate 

I won’t tell you
that by the time we’re done
the only part of you
that will be able to move
will be your eyes
as they dance in satisfaction 

She gave me that “I thought I told you not to” look
and all I could say was,

Pardon Me (A Sexetry)

i have to beg your pardon
for some things
that may happen tonight 

your going to have to forgive my hands
you know how unruly they are
for some reason
i can’t ever keep them off you

i apologize in advance
for my intrusive tongue
it doesn’t understand
what ‘private’ really means

and let’s not even talk about my lips
disobedient things
they’ll go about kissing and sucking
what they aren’t supposed to 

finally watch out for my speech
it’s going to say things
that might drive you crazy
and make your toes curl 

please don’t be mad 




i want to feel your moans
as they caress my eardrums

i want to touch your thoughts
so i can touch everywhere else you want me to

i want my tongue to speak to you
in a language only your body understands

i want to taste your lips
and feel them tremble and quake

i want you to…

Beautiful Island

as i looked at you i realized
i was staring at a beautiful island
meant for a true adventurer 

i eagerly explored
all the curves and contours
you had to offer,

purposefully perusing
every inch of your exquisiteness…
truly a sight to behold 

i savored the smell of satisfaction in the air
and the sweet sound of approval
as i made my way down south

i was determined to discover
every hidden treasure
on this gorgeous island

finally as i approached the apex
i thought to myself,
damn, i love this place!